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How Do I Set Up the Reversing Camera?Updated a year ago

Setting up the reversing camera with your Universal Touchscreen Car Dashboard ensures safer parking and better rear visibility. Follow the steps below to set it up:

Safety First: 
Unplug your car's battery before starting. This ensures the safety of both yourself and the car. Working with electrical components while the battery is connected can pose risks, so it's essential to take this precautionary step.

Camera Connection:
Wiring Diagram:

Attach Cable A (Astern cord) to your vehicle's Reverse Light, connecting the Green Wire to the Positive Wire of the car's Reverse Light. This guarantees the camera's activation upon shifting your car into reverse.

Next, link the Red Power Cable of the AHD Camera to the same positive wire used for the Astern Cord.

For the AHD Camera's black power cable, connect it to the Negative cable within your car's reversing light.

Finally, insert the camera into the AV IN Port on the device, which is exclusively designated for the backup camera.

Physical Install/Wire Routing:
First find the postion you want to put your camera, our suggestion is right above your number plate.
Then route the wires through your your car.
Our recomendation is to route them through your boot (1), then through yours cars interior under the plastic trimmings at the door (2).
1) Through Boot 

2) Interior Plastic Trimmings

AHD Camera:
If you're using an AHD (Analog High Definition) camera, ensure it's connected properly for a clearer rear view, especially during nighttime.

Adjusting Camera Angle:
Once installed, adjust the camera angle to ensure it provides a clear view of the area behind your vehicle. This might require some trial and error to get the best view.

After installation, shift your car into reverse to ensure the camera feed displays on your Universal Touchscreen Car Dashboard. The display should automatically switch to the camera feed when in reverse.

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