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Tips for Adjusting the Mount for Universal Car DashboardUpdated 10 months ago

Instructional Video: Before diving in, we recommend watching our instructional video for a visual guide on adjusting the mount for the Universal Car Dashboard. This will give you a clear understanding of the process.

1. Adjust Before Attaching the Screen: It's easier and safer to adjust the mount before you attach the screen to the Universal Car Dashboard. This prevents any undue pressure or potential damage to the screen.

2. Apply Pressure to the Nut: When making adjustments, ensure you're applying pressure to the nut. This keeps the mount stable and ensures a secure fit when tightening the knob.

3. Gentle Tightening: Turn the knob clockwise to tighten, but be cautious. Over-tightening can damage the mount or the attached screen. Aim for a snug fit without forcing it.

4. Check for Obstructions: If you find the knob challenging to turn, inspect for any obstructions or debris in the threads. A clean mount will adjust more smoothly.

5. Periodic Checks: Especially if you move or transport your Universal Car Dashboard, periodically check the tightness of the knob to ensure the mount remains secure.

Conclusion: Adjusting the mount for the Universal Car Dashboard is straightforward when you keep these tips in mind. If you have any questions or need further assistance, our support team is here to help.

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